Institute of Phytochemistry of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan was founded in Karaganda with personal support of President of Kazakhstan N.A. Nazarbayev and according to the Edict of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Kazakhstan No.430 as of 07.04.95.
     In 2005, by the personal assignment of the Head of State, the Institute of Phytochemistry MES RK was reorganized into Joint Stock Company Research and Production Center “Phytochemistry” as per the Government resolution No.953 of 27.09.2005.

     In pursuance of the assignment of President of Kazakhstan N.A. Nazarbayev No.41-8.24 of January 15, 2009, according to the RK Government resolution No.668 of July 3, 2008, and Order of Committee of state-owned property and privatization of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan No.139 of March 24, 2009, JSC RPC “Phytochemistry” was reorganized into the International Research and Production Holding “Phytochemistry” which implies the participation of foreign companies to implement Projects in chemical-pharmaceutical and pharmacological developments and the associated training of Kazakhstan experts to work in pharmaceutical production in compliance with the international GMP requirements.
     The holding “Phytochemistry” is the primary enterprise of the Republican Pharmaceutical Cluster approved by the RK Government resolution No.1296 of December 28, 2006 which consolidates over 30 enterprises involved in the added value formation of pharmaceutical products manufactured at Karaganda Pharmaceutical Plant. In this regard, holding “Phytochemistry” is the cluster-forming enterprise providing scientific and technical support for the development of domestic pharmaceutical sector.
     The holding “Phytochemistry” carries out complex development of original domestic phytodrugs starting from the search for biologically active compounds, cultivation of medicinal raw material, its processing and production of pilot batches of medicinal forms of new phytodrugs.
- to develop on the base of holding “Phytochemistry” a branch in production of original medicines in compliance with the international GMP standards;
- to obtain the advanced scientific and technological developments, implement the high-technology Projects to introduce them into pharmaceutical production and commercialize them. 
Holding’s strategy is directed at implementing tasks of the state policy in the field of scientific research reflected in the national strategic documents and industry programs.
 1. development and implementation of the breakthrough Projects which ensure the introduction of modern domestic and foreign technologies into the development of domestic pharmaceutical production including the attraction of private investments and use of public-private partnerships;
2. execution of Programs of the basic and applied research in the field of Chemistry, Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Technology, development of high technologies of pharmaceuticals production which meet the international standards’ requirements and their deployment into production;
3. commercialization of the available scientific and technological developments, their entry to the market; increase in a share of funding scientific research at the R&D stage using cooperation between the state and private resources, as well as a focus of state scientific grants on the drugs technology improvement as per the international GMP standards, development and creation of new effective medicines, setting up their production, marketing and promotion of Kazakhstan pharmaceutical products on the market; carrying out randomized multicenter clinical trials of original drugs in compliance with the international standards requirements for their entry to the world market;
4. development of proposals on the scientific and technical development of science and technologies in the medium and long term, on state regulation of research activity including the state stimulation of research and development of pharmaceutical industry;
5. development of the national education program and training for experts who are involved in the development of domestic pharmaceutical industry, training of qualified personnel through Master and PhD Programs in the specialties "Chemistry", "Pharmaceutical production technology", "Chemical technology of organic substances", "Pharmacy"; providing training in the international good manufacturing, laboratory and clinical practices (GMP, GLP, GSP) to the experts involved in both pharmaceutical production and science;
6. attraction of investments for the development of domestic pharmaceutical production using the intellectual property items (patents, know-how, trademarks).
JSCInternational Research and Production Holding “Phytochemistry” (referred to as holding “Phytochemistry”) is the leading scientific-industrial complex incorporating 11 research divisions of a chemical, pharmacological, biological and pharmaceutical profile. It is one of strategic facilities of the country according to the Republic of Kazakhstan Government Resolution as of December 14, 2011 No. 1530-29c.
     In holding “Phytochemistry”, the principle of continuous scientific and technical developments is used starting from basic research, including the applied developments, and introduction of high technologies into production. In doing so, significant progress of both basic and applied character has been made which allowed us to create a basis for the introduction of knowledge-based developments of competitive pharmaceutical products with high Kazakhstan content into production. In other words, holding “Phytochemistry” carries out complex development of original domestic phytodrugs including search for the biologically active agents, cultivation of medicinal raw material, its processing prior to production of trial batches of medicinal forms of new drugs.
                             State licenses of holding “Phytochemistry”
• of right for the scientific and research activity (the Accreditation Certificate of August 03, 2016 of MK No.004791);
• of right for postgraduate professional education in the form of Master, PhD studies (AB No.0137338 of June 30, 2010).
• for the pharmaceutical production of medicines in the industrial-scale manufacturing (No. FD65000018 KMPCF of February 4, 2010).