Awards and achievements of Researchers of holding “Phytochemistry”

•According to the Decree of President of Republic of Kazakhstan № 451 from 03.12.2007, 8 leading scientists of our Holding (S.M. Adekenov, Kh.I. Itzhanova, M.N. Mukhametzhanov, A.D. Kagarlitsky, K.M. Turdybekov and others) were awarded the State premium of Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of science and technics in 2007 for a cycle of works “Development of researches in chemistry of natural sesquiterpene lactones, search and creation on their basis of new medicinal substances and the organization of industrial production of original domestic phytopreparations in Kazakhstan”.
•For construction and introduction of the first and second stages of the Karaganda Pharmaceutical Complex in operation a number of researchers received the high state awards. S.M. Adekenov received an award “??рмет”. Professor Kassenov B.K. was awarded with status “?аза?станны? е?бек сі?ірген ?айраткері”. Ye.G. Tolokonnikov, K.M. Turdybekov and H.I. Itzhanova received a medal “Ерен е?бегі ?шін”.
•10 researches of Holding (B.K. Kassenov, A.Z. Turmukhambetov, G.A. Atazhanova, S.B. Kassenova, Z. Tukhmetova, B.I. Tuleuov, E.G. Tolokonnikov, S.A. Ivasenko, G.Kh. Tuleuova, Z.T. Shulgau) were awarded with 1st premium of academician K.I. Satpaev of MES RK.
•Head of laboratory of the experimental and clinical pharmacology, candidate of chemical sciences Shulgau Z.T., senior researcher, candidate of pharmaceutical sciences Khabarov I.A., junior researcher Kishkentaeva A.S. are laureates of the Akim premium of the Karaganda area among the young scientists (2009, 2010, 2011).
•28.05.2010 the President of the Kazakh National Academy of Natural Sciences, N.A. Abykaev, presented the Gold medal № 001 “For special achievements in science” of the name of the First President Nursultan Abishevich Nazarbayev to chairman of International research and production holding “Phytochemistry”, academician, Doctor of Chemistry, professor S.M. Adekenov in the First Astana Innovative Forum.
•3 researchers, S.M. Adekenov, B.K. Kasenov, K.M. Turdybekov from JSC “IRPH “Phytochemistry”, were awarded with diplomas of I degree in the nomination “ The most published Kazakhstan authors abroad”, founded by the National Center for Scientific and Technical Information RK.
•Academician NAS RK S.M. Adekenov was awarded the laureate diplomas by the International agency “Thomson Reuters” in a nomination “the Kazakhstan authors with the greatest published activity in “Web of Science”.
•The state scientific grants for 2010-2013 for the outstanding scientists are awarded to the researchers of the International research and production holding “Phytochemistry”: a member-correspondent of the National Academy of sciences, Doctor of Chemistry Gayane Atazhanova, Doctor of Chemistry Shuga Kasenova, Doctor of Chemistry Koblandy Turdybekov, Doctor of Chemistry Borash Tuleuov, Doctor of Chemistry Aibek Turmukhambetov, Doctor of pharmaceutical sciences Svetlana Alexadrovna Ivasenko. The State scientific grants for the talented young scientists: a candidate of chemistry sciences Daniyar Sadyrbekov, a candidate of medical sciences of Zarina Shulgau, a candidate of chemistry sciences Gulim Mukusheva, a candidate of pharmaceutical sciences Anar Zhabaeva and a candidate of chemistry sciences Zhangeldy Nurmagambetov were awarded.
•The young scientists of Holding “Phytochemistry”: Akmaral Esenbaeva, Il’ya Khabarov, Vladimir Folmer for work “Innovative technologies in manufacture of substances of original preparations “Arglabin” and “Aterolid” were awarded the First D.A. Kunaev premium of the Ministry of education and science RK for young scientists (2010).