•on works in the field of science and scientifically technical activity (DN № 0000315  from 19th October, 2009);
•on educational activity (№ 0137338 from 19th October, 2009) with the right of conducting the post-education in Doctor’s degree on specialties: 02.00.10 - bioorganic chemistry; 15.00.01 - technology of medicines and organization of pharmaceutical business, 14.00.25 - pharmacology, clinical pharmacology, and postgraduate study on specialties: 02.00.10 - bioorganic chemistry; 02.00.03 - organic chemistry; 02.00.04 - physical chemistry; 15.00.02-pharmaceutical chemistry and pharmacognosy;
•on post-education in Master’s degree and PhD (AB №0137338 from 30th June, 2010);
•on pharmaceutical activity on manufacturing medical drugs in conditions of  the industrial production (№ PD65000018 KMPCF from 4th February, 2010).


•Company “GLATT Ingenieurtechnik GmbH” (Weimar, Germany) carried out the technological audit of pharmaceutical manufacture of holding “Phytochemistry” and by results, the Certificate EU №1528/2011/004 from 29.11.2011 on compliance to the European standards GMP was given out.
•Holding “Phytochemistry” was accredited by Committee on technical regulation RK on compliance to standard of Quality Management Certificate in the field of research, pharmaceutical, educational activity (Certificate KZ 7500207 №0007469 from 15.12.2011).