On the basis of holding “Phytochemistry” were carried out 7 international scientific conferences, 3 seminars, symposium and meeting: in 1994 and 1999 “Medicinal Raw Material and Phytopreparations for Medicine and Agriculture”, where leading scientists participated from Russia, the USA, Poland, Germany, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, India, China and Turkey, “Phytochemistry for development of domestic pharmaceutical manufacturing” (2000), “Clinical aspects of using antitumor preparation “Arglabin” (2002), The Ist International scientifically practical conference “Experimental and clinical aspects of research of new cytoprotective drug “Salsocollin” (2004), in Moscow - the International symposium “Experimental and clinical aspects of using antitumor preparation “Arglabin” (2005), the International scientifically practical conference “Terpenoids: achievements and prospects of application in the field of chemistry, production technology and medicine” (2008), Republican seminar “Problems of transition of pharmaceutical manufactures on the international standards GMP” (2008), Republican scientifically practical seminar “Actual problems of introduction of international standards of GMP, GLP, GCP in pharmacy and pharmacology” (2011), the Republican meeting with the international participation “Questions of multicenter, randomized clinical trials of original preparation “Arglabin” (2012), in Minsk – The scientifically practical seminar “Clinical aspects of application of antitumor preparation “Arglabin” (2013), the Russian-Belarus-Kazakhstan scientific conference “Chemistry natural heterocyclic and isoprenoid compounds” (2013).


All above mentioned conferences were devoted to the actual problems of development of chemistry of natural compounds, pharmaceutical chemistry, technology of medicines and pharmaceutical manufacturing of the republic.