On the 12th of June at the base of holding "Phytochemistry" took place a working seminar with the participation of the Vice-president of German Society of Oncology Dr. med. H. Mastall (Juvital Medical Center, Wiesbaden, Germany) on the subject of joint clinical trials of original antitumor drug «Arglabin».

In the meeting took part oncologists - Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Sirota V.B., Candidate of Medical Sciences Kostrova E.V.; the leading scientists of the holding: corresponding member of NAS RK, Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor Atazhanova G.A., corresponding member of NAS RK, Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Professor Itzhanova Kh.I., Candidates of Pharmaceutical Sciences Tuleuova G.Kh. and Zhabaeva A.N., Candidates of Medical Sciences Seidakhmetova R.B. and Arystan L.I. In total over 20 staff members.

The seminar was conducted under the chairmanship of Academician of NAS RK, Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor Adekenov S.M. The participants of the meeting discussed issues on clinical trials of antitumor drug "Arglabin".

Dr. med. H. Mastall presented the results of clinical trials of the drug "Arglabin", conducted at the Juvital Medical Center (Wiesbaden, Germany). The drug "Arglabin" showed a positive effect on tests of sensitivity to tumor cells as well as in the treatment of drug "Arglabin" in combination with vitamin C showed an efficiency of 86%. The use of arglabin reduces 67% of the amount of cancer cells in the peripheral blood of a patient.

Dr. med. H. Mastall visited the laboratories of holding "Phytochemistry" and acquainted himself with the technology of production of original drugs at the Karaganda pharmaceutical plant.