Strategy of Holding is directed on realization of the state policy in the field of the scientific researches expressed in strategic documents of the state and branch programs.

     In execution of the Order of President RK №958 from 19.03.2010 on the State program of the forced industrially innovative development of Kazakhstan for 2010-2014;

     The governmental regulation of Republic of Kazakhstan from 4th August, 2010 №791 «Program on development of pharmaceutical industry of Republic of Kazakhstan for 2010-2014», the Holding in perspective will solve the following tasks: 

1. Development and realization of the projects providing introduction of modern domestic and foreign technologies in development of domestic pharmaceutical industry, including with attraction of private investments and using tools of the state private partnership;

2. Realization of programs of the fundamental and applied researches in the field of chemistry, pharmacy and technology of medicinal substances, development of high technologies on manufacture of the medical drugs by the international standards and their introduction in manufacture;   

3. Commercialization having scientifically technological developments, their entrance in the market; increase in share of financing of scientific researches at stage of pilot development at the expense of cooperation of the state and private resources, and also orientation of the state scientific grants on improvement of technology of medicines by the international standards GMP, development and production of new effective medical drugs, the organization of their manufacture, marketing and promotion of Kazakhstan pharmaceutical production in the market; the carrying out of randomized, clinical trials of original medical drugs by the international standards for their entrance in the world market;

4. Development of offers on scientifically technological development of science and technologies on mid- and long-term prospect, on the state regulation of research activity, including the state measures of stimulation of scientific researches and development by the pharmaceutical industry;

5. Development of the national program of education and training for specialists, who taking part in development of the domestic pharmaceutical industry, training of qualified personnel through Master’s study and Doctor’s study (PhD) on specialties of “Chemistry”; “Technology of pharmaceutical manufacture”; “Chemical technology of organic substances”; “Pharmacy”; the organization of training to the international good manufacturing, laboratory and clinical practices (GMP, GLP, GСP) of specialists involved in the pharmaceutical manufacture and pharmaceutical science;

6. Attraction of investments for development of the domestic pharmaceutical manufacture by using the intellectual property (patents, “know-how”, trade marks).