At Holding “Phytochemistry” 159 employees are worked, including: 1 academician NAS RK; 2 member-correspondents KazNANS; 17 doctors and 36 candidates of sciences. Middle age of employees - 36 years.

    The Dissertation council ED 53.47.10 (the order of КCSES MES RK № 850 from 10.11.2006) functions on the basis of Holding “Phytochemistry”. For the period 2007 – 2010, there were defended 14 Doctor's and 37 Master's dissertations on specialties: bioorganic chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry and pharmacognosy, technology of medicines and organization of pharmaceutical business, pharmacology. 2 PhD candidates and 5 masters are studying at Holding “Phytochemistry”.

     3 researchers of holding “Phytochemistry” (A.N. Zhabaeva, A.S. Adekenova, K.O. Kenzhebekov) were certified by the company “GLATT Ingenieurtechnik GmbH” (Weimar, Germany) with delivery of Certificates “Commission of the process equipment on spray drying, fluidized layer, granulation”.

    In 2011, 31 researchers of holding “Phytochemistry” were certified by the company “Intercert Consulting Central Asia” with delivery of Certificates “Development and introduction of quality management system by the international standard ISO 9001:2008”.