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International Research and
Production Holding

International Research and Production Holding “Phytochemistry” is a leading developer of original plant-based medicines in Kazakhstan and Central Asia.

What are we doing

Phytochemistry IRPH conducts a comprehensive development of original domestic phytopreparations: from the search for biologically active substances, the cultivation and processing of crude drugs, and to the production of pilot batches of new phytopreparations pharmaceutical forms.

What we focus on when
developing new
original medicines:

isolation of
new natural compounds

synthesis of
pharmacologically-active metabolites
and their isomers

new means of drug

development of
multicomponent drugs

creation of
new dosage forms


Main results of
our work

1000+natural compounds have
been isolated and identified

2000+new derivatives
have been synthesized

500+plant species growing
in Kazakhstan have been studied

400+be promising in terms
of discovering new
biologically-active compounds

130+Kazakhstan patents

10US patents

6+Eurasian patents

2EU patents

1800scientific papers in peer-reviewed
and top-rated journals


Republican Bank of Certified Reference Samples of Drugs , containing data on 3,600 natural compounds and their derivatives, certified reference samples of drugs.



72new original phytopreparations have
been developed and
introduced into production


Support for
Young Scientists

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