XXV Конференция по Изопреноидам 2020 года

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The XXV Conference will be held in Karaganda, the Republic of Kazakhstan in September 2023. The organizing committee invites you and your colleagues to take part in the event.

The organizers of this scientific forum are the International Research and Production Holding “Phytochemistry” (Republic of Kazakhstan), the Czech Chemical Society, the Society of Isoprenoids supported by the Royal Chemical Society (United Kingdom), the European Chemical Society, the Phytochemical Society of Europe and the Chemical Society of Japan.

The conference on Isoprenoids is a continuation of a long-standing tradition of scientific meetings held since 1966 originally in the Czech Republic and the Republic of Poland. Previously, such meetings have only been held in Europe.

The 25th Conference on Isoprenoids 2021 is earmarked to be held in Asia for the very first time.
The hosting of such an internationally specialized event in the city of Karaganda will serve as recognition of Kazakhstan as not only a country which has produced a number of talented scientists into the global scientific community, but as a country with a growing research capability.

This Conference is a global platform for the exchange of knowledge and the latest scientific achievements in chemistry of natural products and technology of original medicinal substances. It is planned to involve more than 120 scientists in chemistry, drug technology, medicine, pharmaceutical science from 30 countries. Apart from the support of the scientific community, representatives of international pharmaceutical companies, chemistry and drug technology leaders are expected to be involved. Thus, the Conference will be important for the synergy of science and business, transfer of innovative technologies, which will serve as a catalyst for the development and growth of investments in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries of your country.

Moreover, young talented scientists and the best students not only from Kazakhstan, but also from many other countries are planned to be involved, which is the traditional and important contribution of the Conference to the future of scientific progress and its development. During the Conference, holding separate events aimed at the development and encouragement of research by young scientists is planned, thus attracting young people to science.

The program will cover the following topics:

● Chemistry of natural isoprenoids. The search for natural sources. Biosynthesis and metabolism. Total synthesis of molecules. Structural analysis.

● Pharmacological research of isoprenoid compounds and their practical application.

● Molecular-biological, genetic engineering and environmental aspects of isoprenoids.

● Production technology of original drugs based on isoprenoids.

Conference official language: English

Our contacts:

Web site: www.isoprenoids25.phyto.kz

Email: isoprenoids25@phyto.kz

Тел.: +7 (7212) 43-39-10

Address: 4M.Gazaliyev Street, Karaganda 100009, Republic of Kazakhstan